Sin and Forgiveness


These are a set of 25 Artist Trading Cards about Sin and Forgiveness. The cards are on 25 people and the Sins they have committed in their life. One side of the card has the person’s face with a skull superimposed on it because a skull represents evil, guilt and sin. Below the face that person’s particular sin is written in a font that visually correlates to the sin committed. The other side of the card contains a few lines on the sin of that particular person and that person’s finger imprints as acknowledgement of their sin. The people who were not comfortable with sharing about their sin just put their finger imprints on the card. The lines about their sins are written in the same font to portray that everyone is same at one level, everyone is imperfect.The cards then were wrapped in tissue paper to hide the card inside and given to 25 other people who then dipped in water after saying a forgiveness prayer for the particular person’s card they were holding onto. After the card was dipped in water the tissue paper soaked water to reveal the card inside which symbolised the purification process mentioned in Biblical texts. It metaphorical to Holy water and the prayer wiping off the person’s sins and forgiving them.

The concept behind it is that everyone has committed sins and have never been forgiven for it nor properly accepted it. All these people themselves felt that they have done something wrong and someone at least needed to know their story. It was like a path of salvation for them. And the other people who held the cards of the these people practically held a major part of their life in the card and yet did not know each other since the identities were kept secret. It like holding a potentially dangerous secret of one’s life in a card that could be taken advantage of. The cards were also meant to evoke insight into their own life from the people who held a person’s card about a particular sin – if somewhere down the lane they too had committed the same sin. It is supposed it resonate with one’s repressed and hidden feelings and experiences.
In this world where people have walls built around themselves in sheer fright of other human beings, this project tries to show the fragile and imperfect core of the people to other anonymous people by breaking down these walls so that there can be true mutual understanding and trust. Only by sharing the same pain and feeling alongside someone can there be true mutual understanding and people can learn to trust again.